Strategische Gestaltung 1+2 – Organizational Design: Grundlagen

Change the mindset!

Dr. Eileen Mandir


We find ourselves in times of hyper-change and high uncertainty, in which many businesses face the constant challenge of matching the speed of the market in form of shorter release cycles, delivery timelines, or product life cycles. This is why many companies are shifting their workforce to agile work models with self-organized interdisciplinary teams and flat hierarchies. The agile way of working, not only demands new processes, tools, and practices. Clients report to organizational designers that the key challenge is: changing the mindset of the workforce. How can we design interventions that spark new ways of thinking and acting? How does the organization need to support a new company culture? Through which means can we facilitate such a process?

Design a group experience that fosters one or more of the following …better time management …better meetings …healthy work habits …good decision making …the suspension of disbelief about change …a sense of urgency …a sense for the risk of doing nothing …eye-level conversations …interdisciplinary collaboration

In the basic course “Org Design - Grundlagen” you are asked to formulate research questions and hypotheses which you will explore in expert interviews and desk research. Outcomes should be documented through mini-essays or blogposts that convey your key insights, research process, and central hypothesis on the topic.